I could have been a signpost, could have been a Clock

He is buttering a tart pan and I love him more because of it.

I’ve been thinking about light at darkness. I have some unanswered questions. I’m wrestling with them, I fear that I may be asking them for a very long time. I’m Ok with that, I will live the questions. The one question I do not have: “Is there a God.” I know there is, I know that God can handle all my questions. God is not scared of my questions.

Its Chocolate Raspberry Tart, and its paleo. So much love.

I’ve been wondering why they say time heals all wounds. Who is “they” once and for all!! Time also decays our bodies to nothing. How’s that for wound healing? All right I sound jaded, I’m not. Just that those pat answers are not helpful to me, they grate at me. I feel like I am at war with time. We want it to go slow sometimes, and fast others, we want to go back or forward, we want time to stop. I am not sure I’ll be content with time.

Heavens its the best tart ever. I love that I can still eat Chocolate.

So God is outside time…beginning and end….knows the past and future. Well this is part of the answer to one of my questions. I’m praying for my children, have been for a number of years. Asking God to knit kindness into them, to breathe hope into their bones, to speak joy to their first steps, to mold them with obedience and gratitude. I’m praying for people who don’t exist on my planet yet. So we can pray for people who have not arrived, or who have left. You can’t stop me from doing so. It gives me the most peace of all things. Knowing that the creator is outside time is my favorite thought this holiday season.

You should make a tart and pray outside time. I recommend it.

Simple as a Kettle, Steady as a Rock



One thought on “I could have been a signpost, could have been a Clock”

  1. Your blog continues to be a deep breath of fresh wind to a weary soul. Love to read your words..they encourage me. Thank you for being you.I love you. Xoxox


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