Country Roads, Take me Home

I put on street clothes today, and drove my car; in my little snowy mountain town, with the sun shining. I watched my friends teach dance class and I loved it. I sat in the back and wore my not dance clothes and moved my feet along with the tap lesson. Two weeks ago today I had surgery to remove 14 big growths from my uterus. I’m happy to report it was a big success, I have a womb now.  ( I have decided to call it a womb now that I have transformed it.)


When I got transferred to my room after surgery I was only slightly awake, and I’m told that I kept bursting out about my uterus and how I have one still. I could barely keep my eyes open, the peep of sunset I saw from my mountain view room was so joyful,  and it felt like my little town was celebrating with me.

here we are celebrating. yay!

In addition to having a ten inch incision on my belly I woke up feeling like all my insides were bruised. I hadn’t really thought through all the kinds of pain I would get to learn about. I have never prayed so much in the bathroom; digestion is really important guys, really important.  Lots of nice people came to visit me in the hospital, many visits I percoset slept through, some I chatted with, most of the visits I tried not to laugh during (laughter is only the best medicine if you didn’t just have abdominal surgery).  Many cookies were eaten and it was a good time for all.

I’ve taken up residence on our new couch and I’m 4 seasons deep into Downton Abbey, and I’m catching up on my saved episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. I am extremely grateful and ever so indebted to the dog walking friends, the food bringing friends, and the visiting episode watching friends, and the drive me places friends. Grateful for the Mom who does what only a mom can do. The guy who made the vows…I’m really thankful for him. My groom sees me at my worst when I’m whiny and not tough and it seems that he still likes me. He’s stringing up Christmas lights right now to bring holiday cheer in here!




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